About PTBF

The sport of Bowling, also called tenpins of Tenpin Bowling is a game in which a ball is rolled down a long, narrow lane toward a group of objects known as pins with the aim being to knock down more pins than an opponent.

PTBF is the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation. It is the organization which represents the sport of Tenpin Bowling of Pakistan. PTBF team is the Pakistan team which represents Pakistan.

PTBF is the Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation provides free coaching and practice facilities to the Pakistan Team at its Partner Bowling Facility

The Pakistan TenPin Bowling Federation  established a National Coaching Academy for the game of TenPin Bowling  in 2019 on self help basis and with the help of a private Party “Leisure City” at Jinnah Park Rawalpindi. The Coaching Academy is of international standard and the coaching duties are being performed by the national players . This Academy is also being used as a practice facility by the national players free of cost. This National Coaching Academy  is playing an important role in promoting the sport and improving the skills of the players and by generating interest in public at large particularly the youth through its youth training programs. This Academy has assumed a central role in promoting the game to TenPin Bowling in Pakistan.

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